Dispute Resolution Services

Commercial Dispute Resolution - mediation is effective for commercial and business disputes (eg debt disputes, franchise disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, lease disputes and building disputes).

Workplace Dispute Mediation - Unresolved conflict in the workplace can be costly to a business - impacting on productivity and profits, stress and wellbeing and staff morale for the disputing parties and their co-workers - and needs to be resolved quickly and fairly.  Mediation enables each party's concerns to be heard and addressed.

General Dispute Mediation - mediation is effective for many types of disputes (wills, estates, landlord and tenant, neighbourhood disputes, disputes within community groups and incorporated associations)

Restorative Justice Mediation  - is mediation between a person harmed in an incident (the complainant) and the person who caused the harm (the defendant).  Each party attends with a support person.  The parties can discuss the impacts of the incident in a safe environment and can seek to agree on how the defendant can repair the harm/make amends.

Group Facilitation - working with groups to facilitate planning or other discussions or to resolve conflict.  The facilitator designs a process that will enable all interested parties to establish a common goal and work constructively towards it.

Investigating Workplace Complaints